Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Season Greetings

Today the "sun stands still." Winter solstice occurs across the Northern Hemisphere. Solstice is Latin for "sun standing still."

The sun doesn’t actually stand still however it is the shortest day in the year for daylight in our hemisphere. This is especially true in Iceland where you will find only about 4 hours of daylight today.

On the bright side the days start getting longer tomorrow.

Winter Solstice has all kinds of meanings throughout the world depending on your religion, culture, or beliefs. Celebrations date back for at least 5,000 years.

From Iceland comes the legend of the sinister and gargantuan Yule Cat, who, it seems, is ready to eat lazy humans. Those who did not help with the work of their village to finish all work on the autumn wool by Yule time got a double whammy -- they missed out on the Yule reward of a new article of clothing, and they were threatened with becoming sacrifices for the dreaded . This tidbit from a lovely Web site on Yule in Iceland, complete with a poem on the Yule Cat.

No matter how you celebrate this time of year I wish to extend all A.T. Mahan Alumni and families "Season Greetings".


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