Tuesday, April 18, 2006

End of school term moved up at Keflavik military base

IcelandReview - Online: "End of school term moved up at Keflavik military base
No date has been set for the American soldiers at Keflavik and their families to leave Iceland but the end of the school term at the military base have been moved up a week, reports the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, R�V.

The base has 150 high school students and 350 elementary students. The last day of school is now set for June 7. According to the Defense Force's PR representative, Fridth�r Eydal, the last day of school was changed in order to facilitate the departure of the soldiers and their families. He said that no date had been set as to when the people and equipment will leave Keflavik, and it will not be decided until the end of the month. All clubs will be closed from May 15th and Internet connections disconnected as of June 30th.

There are 1,200 soldiers currently stationed at the Keflav�k base and about 100 US civil servants - all in all there are 2,800 US citizens living at the Keflavik base. "


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