Thursday, March 16, 2006

President Bush pulls US forces out of Iceland

IcelandReview - Online:

Sadly 2006 will be the last graduating class at A.T. Mahan High School.

Well I can't really say I'm surprised that Bush would drop a bomb like this. That’s his diplomatic style - my way or my way. President Bush continues to alienate our foreign allies and with only a 34% approval rating in the United States he’s also on bad terms with most Americans.

In the 1951 Iceland - US Treaty the basic agreement said that Iceland would not to form their own military force and that the United States will defend the Icelanders by maintaining an armed force on their land.

The cold war has been over for years and Iceland is no longer a strategically important to the United States. I agree that an American forces downsizing in Iceland was inevitable but I think to completely pull out of Iceland is wrong because it breaks this longstanding treaty.

Iceland doesn’t have an armed force or an air defense with little hope of being able to maintain one and for Bush to pull the plug during negotiations is viciously undiplomatic especially with Iceland poised to pay a bigger share of money to keep the US military there.

The main reason Bush gave for breaking the treat was the US forces were "stretched" and required elsewhere. Perhaps if Iceland had a big oil reserve his thinking would be different.


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