Sunday, July 30, 2006

Multiple A.T. Mahan reunions at Homecoming 2007

Multiple A.T. Mahan reunions at Homecoming 2007

What? Homecoming 2007 hosted by OVERSEAS BRATS
When? August 2-5, 2007
Where? Hyatt Regency Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, TX.

I’ve signed-up, paid, and committed to attend Overseasbrats Homecoming 2007. It would be great to have a large A.T. Mahan presents so I invite all A.T. Mahan Alumni use the Overseasbrats Homecoming 2007 for their next reunion. Why?

Overseasbrats can accommodate a multiple-year A.T. Mahan reunion. Hospitality suites will be awarded for the larger groups according to Overseasbrats. Here's how it would work for us. Assign or volunteer a reunion committee for your group (i.e. early 90’s) and encourage your classmates to come. That's all you have to do. Overseasbrats already has done most of the planning.

A) We don't have to do anything with the hotel, handle money, etc.

B) You all don't have to work at registration or any of the activities unless you want to help.

C) You all don't have to plan the evening activities. All this is being taken care of.

D) A lot of our classmates live in Texas, so this will be very accessible for them.

E) For your classmates coming from out of state, they will be flying into a hub airport which means airfares will be reasonable.

F) The Hyatt Regency Dallas-Fort Worth offers courtesy shuttle service to and from the airport. This saves your classmates from having to rent a car.

G) The event would be held at an OVERSEAS BRATS Homecoming, the fourth event they have hosted of this size since 1999.

H) This is your reunion and every event is being taken care of to keep you and your friends and classmates together.

When you do decide to have your reunion at this event, know that: -They will be working with you to get people to come to your reunion;-As people register, you will know as soon as they do;-They will work hard to keep our different alumni groups together;-Those in our alumni group who are interested or planning or coming will be kept updated about their reunion and this special the event.

One of the goals the key staff (who are former Military Brats/Overseas Brats like you and me!) of this event and I have is to look out for your group so that everyone has a safe and fun time, and to do the work you would normally do at a reunion.

I) An incentive plan that will provide $$$s for snacks and goodies for your hospitality suite! The more people you can get to come to your reunion at Homecoming 2007, the more $$$s you'll receive from OVERSEAS BRATS to purchase goodies for your hospitality suite!

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